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Mental Illness and Abusive Behavior

There’s usually two ways in which mental illness and abuse go together. Either the mentally ill person takes out their illness on others in an abusive way, or the people around them abuse them because of their mental illness. These things often get combined into messy, unhealthy family relationships, so I want to hopefully explain some of the ways in which and reasons why people behave in an abusive way, so that forgiveness and healing can occur.

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Coping Toolboxes

When I panic, I immediately forget all of my coping mechanisms. I forget how to breathe, I forget how to do self talk, I forget to take my meds etc. The coping toolbox is a nice easy way to assemble all the things that help me to calm down in one place. That way, the only thing I have to remember to do is look inside my toolbox.

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Meds are a Massive Pain

I wish I had something uplifting and encouraging to say today, but I really don’t. My meds have been causing annoying side effects that are driving me bananas. Lexapro makes me unable to wake up. Prozac gives me full body tremors and a feeling of faintness. So far, Zoloft gives me insomnia. Since I’m between… Continue reading Meds are a Massive Pain

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The Problem With Cutting

This week, I had a sudden and severe flare in my depression. I’m normally pretty happy and able to accomplish things, but from time to time I have a day where I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed and sleep. This time was different though. I woke up Sunday morning suddenly unable… Continue reading The Problem With Cutting

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Helping Someone Who is Panicking: a Guide

I have at least one panic attack a week. There are different kinds of panic attacks, of course, and if I’m lucky I just have a crying melt down in my house after a long week. If I’m not lucky, though, I can go off like a bomb: hyperventilating, screaming, running around outside, trying to… Continue reading Helping Someone Who is Panicking: a Guide

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It’s Okay to be Not Okay

I encourage you to give yourselves permission to be Not Okay. Try to get to a point where you’re more Okay, for sure, but it’s perfectly acceptable to be Not Okay sometimes too. And if you can’t give yourselves permission, I give you permission. You don’t have to be perfect. You are wonderful the way you are, and you are allowed to struggle without self judgement or judgement from others.