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The Self Image Battle

Yikes! It’s been a really long time since I posted. I have no excuses. I was…well I was doing other things. Sleeping mostly. But eating and working too. I actually wrote this post a month ago but I never got around to posting it….so yeah. Fail. Anyway, lately I’ve been hit over the head with… Continue reading The Self Image Battle

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Swimming with the Riptide

When I have a plan to deal with a fear, no matter how scary, the impact is lessened. When I can accept that I’m afraid and say that it is okay to be afraid, the shock of it all lessens as well.

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Sometimes the Little Stuff is Just Too Hard

This is one of my greatest fears: that I won’t be able to be the independent and successful woman that I long to be. I could be ridiculously well educated. I could have perfect networks. I could have people clamoring to hire me for executive positions. But it won’t mean anything if I can’t do the basic stuff.

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Mental Illness and Abusive Behavior

There’s usually two ways in which mental illness and abuse go together. Either the mentally ill person takes out their illness on others in an abusive way, or the people around them abuse them because of their mental illness. These things often get combined into messy, unhealthy family relationships, so I want to hopefully explain some of the ways in which and reasons why people behave in an abusive way, so that forgiveness and healing can occur.