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Swimming with the Riptide

When I have a plan to deal with a fear, no matter how scary, the impact is lessened. When I can accept that I’m afraid and say that it is okay to be afraid, the shock of it all lessens as well.

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Coping Toolboxes

When I panic, I immediately forget all of my coping mechanisms. I forget how to breathe, I forget how to do self talk, I forget to take my meds etc. The coping toolbox is a nice easy way to assemble all the things that help me to calm down in one place. That way, the only thing I have to remember to do is look inside my toolbox.

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Helping Someone Who is Panicking: a Guide

I have at least one panic attack a week. There are different kinds of panic attacks, of course, and if I’m lucky I just have a crying melt down in my house after a long week. If I’m not lucky, though, I can go off like a bomb: hyperventilating, screaming, running around outside, trying to… Continue reading Helping Someone Who is Panicking: a Guide